And a little crochet too.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Snowflake

I am literally snowed in today. At first it was just thick, fat, luscious snowflakes falling lazily to the ground. Now, overnight, it has worked itself up into quite a frenzy; that thin, powdery kind of snow that swirls in all directions before finally settling to the ground. But it doesn’t stay there long. The wind picks it up and sends it skittering across the ground, drifting into the roads, and sometimes briefly forming small snow tornados that scatter quickly, but are amazing to see nonetheless.

Yes, snow brings its problems: the cold, the ice, the near impossible traffic conditions. My kids can get bored rather quickly on snow days due to the almost certain kind of monotony in the never ending snow.

However, today is special because it’s the first snow day, and that makes it magical. Snow days at our house mean hot chocolate. Snow days mean family movie time, and playing board games around the dining room table. It means reading books aloud to my children and cuddling up in blankets and looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. I love it. Every moment.

And today I have also been working on my very own snowflake design. It crochets up very quickly. As I’m snowed in, I used the smallest hook I could find at the moment, which is a size G/4.00MM hook. The finished snowflake ended up being about 3.5 inches across. Of course, the beauty of these small crocheted snowflakes is that you can use whatever size hook and crochet thread you like—the many combinations of thread colors and hook size ensure that each snowflake you make will be a little different from the other, just like real snowflakes.

You can download the pattern for Ravelry.

Here's the link: A Christmas Snowflake.