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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3D Crochet Lace Ornaments

Let's not discuss the irony of the fact that the first few patterns I share on a blog titled "Blogless Knitting" are actually crochet patterns!

In my search for Christmas ornament patterns, I ran across Judy Gibson’s pattern for her beautiful knitted lace ball, and inspiration struck. I immediately sat down and designed these crocheted Christmas ornaments, and am very pleased with the results. They are quick to make, and only need to dry over night before they are ready for hanging on your tree!

These patterns are also available as a ravelry download. You can find it here.

Materials Needed: Size 3 crochet Cotton; 5.00 MM (H) crochet hook; balloon (one for each ornament); craft glue (or some kind of starch for stiffening); spray glitter, if desired, scrap yarn.

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I always swore I'd never have a blog. Not that I don't like them. I enjoy a good knitting blog as much as the next person (knitter). I just thought I'd never be one of those knitters, because I'm generally a quiet person with very little to say out loud to people I do not know.
But then I have this problem. Like never being able to follow a knitting pattern without putting my own little twist on it. Then the dreams started. You know, knitting dreams. Knitting dreams that are so vivid , dreams in which I have created something so beautiful that I wake up all excited and ready to design something. Then reality sets in, and I realize what I've dreamed up is utterly ridiculous. However, it's fueled my imagination and I'm off and running.
I'm still considering myself relatively blogless, but I'll be posting knitting patterns, and the occasional crochet pattern, that I've created. Let's see where my imagination takes me...