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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Miniature Easter Baskets

While in the kitchen this morning making breakfast, I heard some noises out
back. I finished flipping the pancakes, and peeked out of the curtains to take a
look. Hmm…nothing. Nothing but luscious fat snowflakes, lazily drifting down to
blanket the ground with another layer of snow.
“That’s odd,” I said to myself.
“What’s odd, Mommy?” My oldest said, rubbing at his tired eyes as he walked
into the kitchen.
“I thought I heard something out back,” I replied.
He sat down at the table, and as I began to pour the orange juice, I heard the
sound again. My son’s eyes grew wide as he turned to look at me, and asked,
“Mommy what was that?”
“Something scurrying about outside, I think. Do you want to go wake up your
sister and take a look?”
Off he ran, and the next few moments were filled with a flurry of boots and coats,
hats and mittens. Ready for the investigation, my daughter opened up the kitchen
door and the kids slowly poked their heads outside, when finally my daughter
shrieked in delight. “Mommy, look! Look what we found!” And I, smiling, went out
to look….

It appears that the Easter Bunny has come early this year for a tiny pre-Easter treat. These little crocheted Easter baskets are so cute.

The baskets are about 1 ½ inches tall, and 2 inches across, not including the shell edging. Taking into account the length of the handle, the total height is about 3 ½ inches. They are just large enough to hold a handful of jellybeans, or one Easter egg. Crocheted in continuous rounds, these miniature baskets are fast and easy to complete!

This pattern is also now available as a ravelry pdf download here.


Loralynn said...

These little baskets are soooo sweet! Thank you for sharing the Easter Bunny's pattern with us! I will definately be making some up today!

Patty said...

Even though I'm not much of a crocheter I tried this pattern and made it through:) Thanks for providing such clear directions and pictures. Our DGDs will be delighted I'm sure.